Lovely awesomeness!!

Isle of misfits

You’re supposed to read that heading like the Mamas & Papas song “Monday Monday”, just in case you didn’t know.  And if you’re too young or just plain out of the loop of ultimate late 60’s/early 70’s greatness… here you go:

So yes.  It’s Cyber Monday!  It’s CYBER MONDAY!!!

And you know what that means.  Insane Sales you can’t resist!!!

But alas… I have no sales to offer you.  Darn it all.

But wait.  I have something even better.

I have FREE Awesomeness for you.  That’s right.  And not just any Awesomeness.


And did I mention… it’s FREE???

At least, in the “it will not cost you any $ whatsoever” sense.  It WILL, however,   cost you a mere smattering of your time,  about 23-47 seconds  is our best estimate.  That’s what our team of over qualified engineers determined in a highly controlled, space-age laboratory timed test, that it…

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